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Setting up a 3rd party hosted blog in a sub directory of a domain

I was using a sub-domain setup to have my tumblr blog a6unraj.tumblr.com setup in the url a6unraj.com/blog, after using it for years I noticed that its not SEO friendly and had to use a sub-directory setup for the blog also to have the traffic tracked under the main domain, so I changed the blog url to a6unraj.com/blog .Below is the setup I have used.

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Transfer files between Android Mobile and PC wirelessly

1) For transferring from PC to mobile the app Portal can be used.

Install the app and connect the PC and mobile to the same Wi-Fi hotspot

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Best free webhosting service for static website.

Today I was in search of free webhosting service providers

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Force Android mobile to fetch only a particular network mode

Today I found a tweak in my Android mobile to force load only 3G network. By default my network was loading in Edge even when the preferred network was set as 3G. There was no option to set as 3G only.

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