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I reviewed the restaurant Onesta !

I’m at Palazzo !


Adanga maru with Mani & Ramson  http://4sq.com/1PVHG6W

I’m at Thambi VILAS Restaurant !


with Mani & Ramson http://4sq.com/2fxz3me

I’m at PVR Icon !


Aqua man with Nitin https://4sq.com/2EielFt

I’m at Onesta !


with Nitin & Ubaidhur http://4sq.com/2t1kCKJ

I reviewed the restaurant Kebabery !


Setting up a 3rd party hosted blog in a sub directory of a domain

I was using a sub-domain setup to have my tumblr blog a6unraj.tumblr.com setup in the url a6unraj.com/blog, after using it for years I noticed that its not SEO friendly and had to use a sub-directory setup for the blog also to have the traffic tracked under the main domain, so I changed the blog url to a6unraj.com/blog .Below is the setup I have used.

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I reviewed the restaurant Barbeque Nation !

I’m at Barbeque Nation !

I’m at Kebabery !

Trying out light painting

I reviewed the restaurant 3B’s - Buddies, Bar & Barbecue !

I’m at 3Bs !


with Arun Krishnan, Rufus http://4sq.com/2p5W5Ev